Mesothelioma and How to Deal with It

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer caused by exposure, either direct or second-hand, to asbestos. The killer disease is so named because it attacks the mesothelial cells which cover the outer liner of the body’s internal organs. Although Mesothelioma is most commonly thought of as cancer in the lungs, the insipid interloper does in fact attack the heart and the abdomen as well.

All three types of Meso are caused the same way- by breathing in asbestos dust. More men are victims, primarily due to the fact that more men were employed in shipyards, on construction sites, power plants and factories where they were more likely to come in contact with the material. Women fall victim, however, not only from direct exposure in the work environment, but to exposure to work clothes belonging to husbands and relatives in which they come into contact.

Mesothelioma can develop 15-40 years after exposure to the harmful material. Once you have been diagnosed with the disease, it is important to begin your compensation claim as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitations on when your claim can be filed. You have 3 years from the time you were diagnosed to file your claim, or 3 years from the time of death of your spouse who died from Meso.

You will need to secure a solicitor who is a specialist in the field of Mesothelioma compensation claims. This is a very technical claim and requires physician statements, employment records, witness statements and a good bit of documentation. Your solicitor must be an expert in the field to represent your interests in the best possible manner.

Bear in mind that action may be launched even if the former employer is no longer in business. Legal action of this sort is taken against employers’ insurance companies, not the employer directly. Therefore, as long as the insurance company can be found, legal action may go forward.

Many victims of asbestos exposure are simply unaware of their rights after diagnosis of Mesothelioma. Call a solicitor and ask questions regarding asbestos claim; call more than one if you need to. Find out what your rights are and pursue damages to get the assistance you require.


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    My relative is being treated for mesothelioma, and I really appreciate the fact that people are writing about this topic. Here`s another source that I found helpful.

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