Antiangiogenic Therapy Improved Cancer Survival

Again this is from Dr. William Li’s presentation at TED 2010, see here.  These charts show the improvements of cancer survival rate since 2004.  Very impressive.

cancer survival rate before anti angiogenic therapy 300x229 Antiangiogenic Therapy Improved Cancer Survival

Cancer survival rate with chemo and surgical therapy

after antiangiogenic therapy 300x231 Antiangiogenic Therapy Improved Cancer Survival

Cancer survival rate since antiagniogenic therapy in 2004

Unfortunately Antiangiogenic therapy still cannot cure all cancer, especially lung cancer. If you do choose to increase your chance of getting cancer by smoking, affordable life insurance for smokers may be something worth your looking into.


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One Response to Antiangiogenic Therapy Improved Cancer Survival

  1. Levi says:

    This is Gerson Therapy, however Gerson said not to take the drugs and get the chemo as they will only kill you and make it harder for natural fresh raw fruits and vegetables to help your body combat and in almost every case cure even terminal cancer.
    Do you have to dress it up as something else in order not to get your licence revoked?
    Persecuting Gerson Therapy is a big deal in the USA even if there are clinics popping up all over the world, if I got cancer it would be off to Mexico, Japan or Sweeden if I didn’t feel I could manage the diet on my own. I highly recommend the Gerson Therapy book and there are tons of resources online about it.

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