After raising two kids and having had a lot of fun in my career, what came shocking to me is 4 of my close relatives and friends had cancer.  One of them lost the fight last year.  We live the same life style and grow up in the same environment.  It just occurred to me my day of reckoning might be coming sooner.

This got me into trying to understand those common killer diseases.  I am not keen with medications.  If I don’t have to, I’d avoid all type of drugs, for fear of side-effects.  My intend is to seek natural way of preventing, or even curing those killer diseases.

I read veraciously about the subject and would like to share my findings and understanding in anti-AngioGenesis and other natural curing therapies. This is the purpose of this blog.

Please note that the information on FooToCure.com is for peer support purposes, which should NOT be considered as legal or professional advice.  You should consult qualified professionals for the health issues of yours or your loved ones.


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